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About me

My name is Francisco Javier Vencesla Simon, I am an Engineer in Geodesy and Cartography, graduated in the University of Jaén.

Engineer in Geodesy and Cartography comprises a wide range of disciplines within the field of geomatics, such as topography, Geodesy, Mapping, Photogrammetry, Space Remote Sensing, navigation and positioning satellite or Geographic Information Systems (GIS), among others.

In my recent work I have dealt with GIS and 3D printing, since no GIS manage the output of geospatial data in the way that 3D printers offer, that is to say, as three-dimensional physical models. From this idea came DEMto3D.

10 thoughts on "About me”

  1. Gran trabajo Francisco. Soy totalmente novato en impresión 3D, pero estoy a ver si saco un modelo desde QGIS y puedo visualizarlo en MeshLab… En cuantito lo tenga haré una entrada en mi blog citándote como se merece este gran trabajo. Enhorabuena y gracias!!

  2. Adolfo Ballesteros Espin

    Congratulations, Francisco, great contribution is an important step to those of us who have been passionate about this area of knowledge

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