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DEMto3D available for QGIS

qgis logoYa esta disponible para el software SIG libre QGIS, the plugin DEMto3D, initially developed for the software SIG Kosmo. It has adapted the original code in Java to Python language using libraries that are already included in QGIS. DEMto3D se configura como un complemento más de los cientos, the QGIS project has available to users.

This new version QGIS has the following new:

  • Has been simplified data output to export to STL format and creation of Gcode file, using the software of laminate Slic3r. The communication driver with 3D printing device has been deleted , since there are free software much more complete.
  • New option to select the printing area, which allows draw directly on the display.
  • The export of the model is performed using the project CRS. Enabling 'on the fly' reprojection, the model will be exported using selected CRS.
  • In addition to Spanish and English, DEMto3D is available in French.